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Ghostbusters Garage
Project Overview

When one of my sales staff told me we have had an enquiry for a made to measure garage to house the car out of the film Ghostbusters, I thought she was kidding?

What we did

Again when speaking to the customer he told me how he was struggling to find somebody to build a garage that would accommodate 'The Car Ecto 1a' I really did think this was a wind up? But having talked to Paul I began to realize that this was no Joke! The man was clearly a serious car enthusiast who needed a problem solved.

Paul had been looking for a capable company that make a garage not only big enough to fit the huge Cadillac in but also it had to comply with the ever challenging Planning Regulations. The Garage was to be positioned over 2m away from his boundary; there fore it could only have a maximum eaves height of 2.5m and the ridge no more than 4m. So to most made to measure companies no problem? Well the problem was that in most cases this would mean a door height restriction of 2.5m. The problem? Ecto1a Ghostbusters Car is 2.69m high!

So we designed a garage to suit the required planning heights with doors a more unconventional almost barn like design. We then designed the roof trusses inside the building to also accommodate this. Then we set about the cosmetics, how do we make such a large building for such a large car fit in to a normal not so Hollywood surrounding? With the house been rendered white with Black trims etc and a Terracotta Roof we soon had a solution! The proposed Steel Framed garage was Cladded with Plastisol Steel sheeting, then cladded with a cement board before rendering white. The roof to be cladded with pressed Steel Tile Effect Roof sheets, Terracotta in colour with an anti condensation underside. The design was agreed.
We then set out to modify Paul’s existing concrete base to suit the needs of the new garage. The building was then delivered in kit form and erected on site.

The result

A perfect fit! Ecto1A Ghostbuster car moved into its new home a ‘a perfect fit’.
Not only did it do everything that Paul required but it also looked great. The huge car was now housed in its own huge structural engineered building fit for any Hollywood Car!

After years of painstaking restoration this masterpiece deserves a good home. No picture can show the sheer size and finish of Pauls Ecto1A Ghostbuster car!
Should you wish to hire this wonderful Cadillac for a special occasion who you gonna call? Our very own Ghostbuster Paul Harborne on 07801 249677.

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