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Project Overview

Mrs James came into the our show site at West Bromwich having purchased a new 4x4. She was looking for a new garage to safely store her dream car! Also she required a new concrete pad to put it on.

What we did

Been a 4x4 she needed a building with extra height whilst also been wide enough to get in and out easily. She also wanted to have some extra storage space at the same time. Mrs James also wanted her new garage to be as maintenance free as possible.

The result

We carried out a site survey and came up with a complete design to include a new concrete pad and a 7ft 6" eaves 20ft long x 14ft 6" wide Pent Roof Garage. Mrs Jones also chose a maintenance free package and up-graded to a rollers shutter door.

The new high range garage was perfect and exceeded Mrs James expectations!

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