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Does your concrete garage roof need replacing?

How we do it

Does your concrete garage roof need replacing? Quite often old concrete garages are still standing strong but suffer with a leaking roof. If your garage is structurally ok but has a problem roof then maybe consider replacing just the roof. Betta Buildings within our service area specialise in concrete garage roof replacement and on certain garages can replace fascias and gutter. We also specialise in asbestos removal so can handle any old problem roofs. Please note that in some cases it is more cost effective to have your old concrete garage removed and replaced with a new one. If so we can also offer this service.

  • Questions to ask before thinking of replacing your garage roof:
  • Is the rest of the garage in good condition? (good)
  • Are all the doors working to your satisfaction and in reasonable condition? (good)
  • Are your roof trusses in reasonable condition? (good)
  • Is your garage leaning at all? (bad)
  • Are the concrete walls deteriorating, blown with rusty reinforcing showing? (bad)

Please call and speak to one of our dedicated sales team who will be able to give an estimate over the phone followed by a free site visit and official quotation should you be interested. CONTACT US

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