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Wood or concrete – which material is best for a garden?
09 June 2016
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We are proud to supply and install every type of garden building from wooden sheds to concrete garden offices...

Thanks to over 50 years' experience in the garden buildings industry, our team can not only offer you a wide array of high-quality garden building designs from which to choose, but also work with a variety of materials to ensure that your garden building looks and feels exactly as you desire, inside and out.

If you have never before purchased a garden building from a company that offers as much choice as Betta Buildings, you may understandably feel a little overwhelmed. We are proud to supply and install every type of garden building from wooden sheds to concrete garden offices, so we fully sympathise if you’re feeling slightly stuck for choice.

To assist in your decision-making, we thought it would be wise to discuss the respective characteristics of wood and concrete, and consider which one may be right for your own garden building.

Wood offers plenty of natural appeal

The reasons for wood's appeal are obvious; there's nothing quite like it for making one feel close to nature in and out of their garden building, and there's no denying that it has a cosy, homely appearance that concrete cannot match. Let's face it - there are few things better than snuggling up in a wooden gazebo on a summer's night.

Of course, wood isn't as physically strong as concrete, but for a typical garden building such as a shed or summerhouse, our standard of design and manufacture helps to ensure that our timber garden structures are more than long-lasting and durable enough for your needs.

The immense strength and durability of concrete

Concrete is one of the most robust materials of all, which makes it unsurprising that we use it to make both sheds and garages of the very highest standards.

While many of our clients prefer the more natural appearance of wood when seeking a garden building to be installed among their garden shrubbery, for sheer durability, security and longevity, a concrete shed or garage simply cannot be beaten.

The choice of predominant material that you make for your own garden building from us will undoubtedly depend on your own preferences and requirements. Whilst concrete has certain advantages such as its maintenance free aspect and security it is not for everyone's personal preference and we have a bigger range of timber buildings to suit most purposes. Betta Buildings always aim to find the right product to suit your needs and budget.