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Why invest in one of our wooden playhouses?
04 July 2014
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Wooden playhouses are a thing of joy for adults and children alike when you choose one from Betta Buildings.

As much as you will probably appreciate the many hours of sunshine that we are all enjoying at the moment, if there's one thing that you may not appreciate so much, it's your children never giving you a moment's rest. Those long school holidays can make it difficult to keep the kids entertained, but for Birmingham and West Midlands residents, there's one obvious solution: one of our wooden playhouses here at Betta Buildings.

Why do wooden playhouses make so much sense for stressed-out parents like yourself? Well, they certainly keep the kids away from the television, which may have long been your default way to keep them occupied. It's certainly healthier for them - both mentally and physically - to play in the fresh air and sunshine. A playhouse will, after all, help to keep your kids fit as they run in and around the building and your wider garden.

Wooden playhouses are also ideal for helping your children to develop their imaginations, even if you choose the most basic model that we offer. Above all, for many parents, buying a playhouse is about giving themselves some peace. Just imagine what you could do while your kids are kept occupied - tidying up the house, washing up, ironing, putting your feet up... the possibilities are many. Plus, with a well-built playhouse like one of ours here at Betta Buildings, it can serve your children for many summers to come.

There are many reasons to select one of the many wooden playhouses on offer at Betta Buildings, including our sheer reputability as a company - we are a family-oriented business with 50 years of experience in relation to garden buildings. However, there's also the huge playhouse range itself, including such attainable options as our standard Playhouse, which comes in widths of 5ft (1.52m) or 6ft (1.82m) and is supplied as standard with planed and rounded framework, standard green mineral felt, Perspex windows and full treatment inside and out with red cedar preservative.

Alternatively, you may opt for the highly attractive single storey Croft Playhouse, which comes as standard with a stable door, window boxes and shutters, or the pretty Swiss Cottage Playhouse with its bunk over the top window. Then, of course, there are the more extravagant options, like the cowboy-themed two storey Jailhouse Playhouse that features an internal jail, as well as the Toybox Palace Playhouse, which even has garage doors leading to a separate section to park toy vehicles.

Whatever you may have ever hoped for in a playhouse, Betta Buildings can cater for it with one of its impressive, industry-leading wooden playhouses.