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What makes our garden offices such great spaces?
25 March 2015
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Garden offices are more than just practical - they are also most definitely in fashion right now. But what makes ours such great spaces?

There's no question that garden offices are in vogue these days - and when you consider how our society and workplaces have changed, that's no surprise. We're always hearing about how the traditional office has become a thing of the past, and it's certainly fair to say that few of us work the rigid '9 til 5' any longer. Many corporate offices are being lost altogether, along with the steady jobs that they once offered.

In the place of these roles, has come work that is much less predictable in its supply or nature. More and more of us are working on a contract or freelance basis, continually needing to prove ourselves all over again if we are to win new opportunities. That is certainly the case for many of us here in West Midlands, but it just won't do for many of us to do our work in our living rooms or bedrooms, trying to stop the cat knocking over our coffee and having our concentration disrupted by family members.

That is why some kind of separate, professional space - a compromise of sorts between the traditional office and the convenient home-based setting - is fast becoming essential for many workers. Thankfully, we offer you such a space here at Betta Buildings, in the form of our highly regarded garden offices. They are exactly what they sound like - offices in your garden, giving you somewhere apart from your main house in which to focus on the work that needs to be done.

Our garden offices are truly professional, inside and out. They are solidly built to your specification from the most naturally beautiful timbers, with all of the basic elements and features that make them long-lasting, hospitable and easy to use spaces. Just one example of a garden office specification (as we have endless possibilities) consists of a tanalised (pressure treated) 3" x 2" frame with tanalised (pressure treated) secret nail profile cladding, including a vapour barrier.

The flooring comprises 18mm tongue and groove boards on 65mm x 40mm tanalised bearers, while for the doors, a three door sliding track system is used - with the option of an upgrade to four or five track doors. The glass in the windows is 14mm thick double glazing, and the best quality handles, hinges and fasteners are also fitted.

Talk to the Betta Buildings customer service team about the full range of possibilities for our garden offices, and so that we can discuss and advise on the best of these specification options for your own home office requirements. We will then offer you the most competitive garden office quote anywhere in the West Midlands.