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The many purposes of concrete garages in the West Midlands
25 March 2015
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Garages made out of concrete have a surprising amount of uses given the material. Find out more.

You might think that your reason for ordering one of our concrete garages in the West Midlands is obvious - it's there to store your car. However, many garages have become particularly multi-purpose spaces in recent years. Yes, it may be where your car or other vehicle is kept, but you may also use it from time to time for all manner of other purposes - maybe as a craft space, for example, or as somewhere to repair your bike or keep paint tins.

Here at Betta Buildings, we won't judge you on the basis of how you use your garage, as we know that such spaces can take on so many different roles over time. Our focus is instead on making your concrete garage the best garage that it can be - one that is well-designed and built from the highest quality materials, in addition to making sense from a budgetary point of view. Our concrete garages in the West Midlands are also very secure, which will be a priority of yours regardless of its exact purpose.

We offer three broad concrete garage ranges here at Betta Buildings: Spar/Pebbledash, Brick and Textured. However, they are all well-suited to the broadest range of purposes. At the most no-nonsense affordable end of the current product range, for instance, is the Flat Spar Compton Concrete Garage. This garage doesn't just offer such great standard features as concrete reinforced walls and full length corrugated steel galvanised roof sheets, but is also available in various lengths and widths, depending on whether you need a single, twin or double garage.

But it's worth remembering that we also offer garages for more commercial applications here at Betta Buildings. You might specify our Commercial Apex Spar Extra High Garage, for example, which is a high security sectional garage for which there are eighteen door layouts to choose from, catering for a drive-through height of up to three metres. Not only are these commercial garages perfect for commercial vehicles, motor homes and mini buses, but the fork truck access that they afford also makes them fine storage units.

Talk to the experts at Betta Buildings about concrete garages in the West Midlands that really can cater for any and every practical requirement!