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Order your wooden garden shed in time for the summer
24 April 2015
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Want to get the most out of your outdoor space this year? Here's how.

We're not sure if you've noticed, but in case you hadn't, the weather has been getting hotter in recent times, and the skies bluer. We doubt you'll need our reminder to make the most of the sun that is increasingly beaming down on your garden at this time of year, but as you have been doing so, have you noticed a worn, tatty and unsecure shed and wondered whether a replacement would be a good seasonal investment?

Even if you think your shed is looking just fine, we reckon you'll be amazed by the specification options, prices and sheer high build quality of our own wooden sheds in the West Midlands here at Betta Buildings. We know that many people throughout the region love to spend a large proportion of their summers in their shed, perhaps working on a DIY project, organising their tools or using it to store the essential items that they just wouldn't have the room for anywhere else.

Remember that when you buy a wooden shed from ourselves here at Betta Buildings, you aren't restricted to getting a mere shed. That's because we also offer an extensive range of services that take the stress and hassle out of investing in a new shed, from the removal of your old building to site clearance. We are also a family-oriented company with more than five decades' experience in the garden buildings industry, so if there's one provider of wooden sheds in the West Midlands that you can definitely trust, it's us.

All of that leaves just one thing to consider: our actual range of sheds. You can rest assured that our timber sheds offer exceptional practicality and quality for your budgetary or size requirements. That's the case whether you opt for one of our entry-level models like the Bargain Apex or Bargain Pent, or those towards the top of the range that are several times pricier.

At the time of typing, our 'flagship' wooden shed is the Combination Suntrap Shed that is both a fine suntrap and the ultimate timber storage building for the avid gardener, measuring four feet (1.22m). This is a formidable shed indeed, but remember that even our most basic sheds offer the likes of planed and rounded framework, green mineral felt and Perspex windows as standard.

Don't waste your chance to make maximum use of your sun-drenched garden over the coming months - order one of our wooden sheds in West Midlands today!