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Are you in need of a garage roof replacement?
21 May 2014
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Discover Betta Buildings' highly rated garage roof replacement service.

The trusty garage is so much more than a place to store your car. Sure, it keeps your valued automobile out of harm's way, that potential 'harm' including the worst of the weather as well as anything that a neighbourhood vandal could subject it to. However, concrete garages are also known to add considerably to the value of a home.

That's all the more reason to consider Betta Buildings' highly rated garage roof replacement service if you detect a leak. Indeed, with concrete garages otherwise having a good record of standing strong for many years, this is often the first problem to arise, potentially making it most cost-effective just to replace the roof. Garage roof replacement takes pride of place alongside Betta Buildings' other services and products, including an extensive selection of garages.

Not only can we replace the roof of your concrete garage, but we can do the same for the fascias and guttering of certain garages. If you have an old problem roof, you may also be pleased to hear about our asbestos removal service.

There are various questions that you will need to ask yourself to determine whether you should invest in garage roof replacement or instead a whole new garage. Is the rest of your garage in good condition? Are the doors not only in reasonable condition, but also continuing to work satisfactorily? Is the condition of the roof trusses reasonable?

Signs that a completely new garage is required include your existing garage leaning or a deterioration in the condition of its concrete walls - to the point of the rusty reinforcing becoming visible. If a new garage seems the wisest option, Betta Buildings is proud to offer a broad choice of sizes and styles. We offer brick garages, pebbledash garages and textured garages, encompassing single, twin or double garage designs.

Our concrete garages are practical, require little maintenance and are made from the high quality materials required to ensure years of productive use. Fitting is free, we offer a 10 year guarantee and we deliver our garages nationwide. Above all, with more than 50 years of experience in the garden buildings sector, you can be sure that Betta Buildings is the right company to bring you the very best services in concrete garage design and garage roof replacement.

So, why not contact us today?