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Introducing our new premium bespoke garden office
08 June 2015
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What is it that makes our premium garden offices truly bespoke?

We've long had a reputation for being quite handy for garden offices - after all, we do have more than 50 years' experience in the garden buildings industry, and bring all of that to bear on our established garden offices that have delighted so many of our past customers. However, we're always putting our heart and soul into introducing new offices and specification options to the range, which brings us neatly onto our best garden office yet.

Every one of our garden offices are bespoke, being designed very much to the customer's exact specifications. You could contact us about such a structure today, and even the most standard building that we provide can be made in any size. This is without reckoning with the formidable standard specification of our garden offices, including a tanalised (pressure treated) frame, a three door sliding track system and 14mm thick double glazed windows.

However, for the ultimate in bespoke, premium style, there really is no beating our new range topper. To give you an indication of just how 'premium' we mean, at the time of typing, you can expect to pay £3,300 for a 10ft x 8ft wooden garden office, right up to £9,300 for the 20ft x 14ft version. By comparison, a rough price guide for our new 'no holds barred' garden office would be between £10,000 and £15,000, depending on the final options chosen, the location and whatever other work that we do for the customer, such as groundwork.

But while this new model of garden office is by no means cheap, it does represent excellent value for money. This is thanks to a generous specification encompassing an insulated floor, roof and walls, Thermo-wood cladding that lasts for 30 years without paint and a hardwood door and windows, both with multi-point locking Argon filled double glazing. Those features are just the start of it, with the likes of Venetian window and door blinds, a magnetic door stop, an EPDM rubber roof cover and gutter and down pipe to the rear all also included.

The staggering list of features on this ultra-desirable garden office continues with internal walls that incorporate an element of fire proofing and sound proofing and can even be magnetic. Don't forget, too, the plastered painted internal walls and ceiling, hardwood skirting and architrave, vinyl floor covering, a phone line connected to the house, external lights that can be switched on from inside the house or by iPhone, a wireless alarm and a security camera that can be viewed from anywhere on an iPhone. Oh, and there's also a 25 year guarantee.

Phew! We're confident in saying that you won't find such an impressive specification sheet for a garden office anywhere else. Contact Betta Buildings now about the garden office that really does have it all, turning your long-harboured dreams into reality.