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Create the perfect working atmosphere with a garden office
16 December 2016
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These are perfect as personal spaces where you can simply be alone with your thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand.

We’ve worked with many clients down the years who have wanted to turn our garden rooms into garden offices, giving themselves a tranquil and comfortable area to get their all-important work done.

We thought this was a splendid idea, and the garden rooms we offer are perfect for creating those office spaces, thanks to their strong construction and wide range of available sizes.

Here are just some of the benefits of getting your work done in a garden office from Betta Buildings.

Ideal for privacy

This is a great plus for those who live with a big family. Sometimes, you need some quiet time alone to work on your novel or concentrate on an important project.

Not only does our team here at Betta Buildings supply garden rooms that are large enough to entertain guests, but we can also provide much smaller 8ft x 6ft models. These are perfect as personal spaces where you can simply be alone with your thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand.

Fewer distractions

Maybe your friends or family are always pestering you, or maybe you’re just too easily distracted by the noises around you. Either way, it’s not an ideal way to work.

We offer double glazed windows to help keep the interior of your garden office well insulated, while also reducing outside noise. Our garden rooms are designed to be calm and relaxing, making it easier for you to work on a project without procrastinating.

Very cosy

The working atmosphere may be great in your own private sanctuary, but people may be sceptical at first about working in a smaller area outdoors. Poorly made garden rooms, sheds and cabins can let in drafts and make the interior freezing.

Thankfully, the amazing insulated roofs and walls of Betta Buildings’ garden rooms keep you from becoming too cold during the winter months. With the reliable electricity supply that we can also provide in your garden room, you can even bring in your own external heater to get toasty without the risk of heat escaping.

Even if you’re not working, a garden room and office is a good place to simply unwind.

Get the job done with our attractive garden rooms

With the right environment, you’ll get through your to-do list in no time. Our garden rooms are ideal for creating office space at home or an intimate place to chill out and unwind.

Make the most of the unused space in your back garden with an attractive contemporary garden room from Betta Buildings. Get in touch today to learn more about our designs and the extras that we can offer.