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Garden rooms are perfect for all of the family!
16 December 2014
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Which family members will get the most out of your garden room from Betta Buildings?

There aren’t many families out there who wouldn’t leap at the chance of getting a new room for their house. With Betta Buildings, you can have one! Our wooden garden rooms are durable, spacious and perfect for whichever family member claims them. So, who’s it going to be?

Your kids?

It’s often hard to find a space in your house to use as a playroom, but with a garden room you can have an entire building!

Giving your children a dedicated place where they can play with their friends or siblings is a lovely idea, and keeping it separate from the main house has many benefits. Most importantly, you’ll keep all of the potential mess away from the rest of your home, so it will be easier to manage. You also won’t need to put up with as much noise, and it will be easier to enforce bedtimes when the play area can only be gotten to at certain times.

Your teenagers?

So, your kids would love a garden room because it would make a great little playroom, but what about that far more tempestuous breed of child – the teenager?

Well, teenagers thoroughly crave their own space, so a garden room can be a great way to accommodate that. You’ll provide them with a little sense of a freedom, and you’ll also give them a place to get out from under your feet. This is great for when they start bringing friends over, and especially if they decide to start a band!

Mum and dad?

Of course, you’re the ones paying for it, so maybe a garden room should be just for you.

A wooden garden room is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the house and just relax on your own terms. Most people find that having a special room allows them to get back to hobbies they’ve left behind, so many a garden room now holds complex model railroads, vintage sewing machines, or even a pool table and bar.

Garden rooms are great for all of the family - the only trouble now will be deciding who gets to use it! Everything else can be sorted by the expert team at Betta Buildings, so give us a call today.