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New improved steel access door for our Concrete Buildings
11 June 2014
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Exclusive to Lidget Compton, our brand new range of personnel access garage doors have been over 12 months in development and set new standards in the sectional building industry.

Built by Garage Door Systems (GDS) to our specification the new doors include a range of features as standard that are usually only found on premium doors or as optional extra's.Why do you want one?

Enhanced Security: 4 point locking now comes as standard on our access garage doors. A corrosion resistant stainless steel security plate is fitted to the frame to augment security.The doors are pre-framed in an all steel frame (no timber) that overlaps the wall panels. This not only provides greater security against intruders, it also provides a nice neat finish to the doorway.

Weather Resistance: Each door features integrated rain guard lintels both at the top and base of the door to help prevent water ingress. A special neoprene seal around the inside of the door frame also helps with this.
Construction: Our access doors have been built using high quality materials. Robust, all steel door lock handles provide extra security and corrosion resistant hinges, powder coated for longevity are spot riveted for extra strength. In fact, only the highest quality corrosion resistant stainless steel rivets are used in the construction of the door range.

Convenience: Every door is supplied with 3 keys but in the unlikely event you need more, they can be duplicated from a standard blank at any lock smith. A ramped threshold also makes access with wheeled objects easier and represents a smaller trip risk.

The personnel access garage doors are available in 4 different sizes:
        •        Standard 3' wide 
        •        Extra high (3'x7'6)
        •        Extra wide (4') and
        •        Extra wide & high (4'x7'6)

White is the standard colour but you can upgrade to Golden Oak and Rosewood decograin (including decograin finish on the frame) or you can choose from powder coated colours in Black, Brown, Signal Blue and Moss Green.