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What has Betta Buildings been up to in the last few months?
07 April 2016
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Keep up to date with the latest goings-on here at Betta Buildings

Given that we are, after all, the leading supplier of wooden garden rooms, timber sheds and concrete sheds in the West Midlands, it shouldn't greatly surprise you to hear that we keep ourselves fairly busy.

We provide regular updates on our activities on our Facebook page, but here are a few highlights of February and March in particular.

An amazing bespoke garden room and stunning log cabin

One project of ours that stood out in the last few months was a bespoke garden room and shelter, featuring a games room, home gym, garden room, toilet, sauna and hot tub – all at the end of the client's garden.

We worked closely with this client to create this luxury building, ensuring that it perfectly fit their precise needs, and we think it’s a great example of just what kind of exacting work our seasoned and well-qualified team can produce for even the most demanding of West Midlands homeowners!

Another project that we were recently tasked with involved the construction of a simple, yet stunning log cabin for a client in Worcestershire.

What is Project Essex?

It’s the name we have lovingly given to a rather exciting project based in Essex – one of our most impressive projects to date.

We recently completed Project Essex, and the end result is a garden room that is fully insulated and plastered, and equipped with hardwood windows and doors, double glazing and multi point locking sliding doors and windows. The roof of the room is made with EPDM rubber, which can last for up to 50 years.

All of these aforementioned elements, and the guttering and reinforced base make for a garden room that we expect to serve our client well for years to come. To top it all off, the room is fully connected to electricity and even comes with Wi-Fi, Sky TV and LED lighting inside and out.

There’s even a heater than can be controlled from an iPhone - what more could you need from a garden room?

Discover our incredible range of projects to date

For more information on our broad range of past projects, simply visit our case studies page or check out our Facebook profile - there really is no better way to keep abreast of everything that is going on as the Birmingham summer looms here at Betta Buildings!