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Not all of our garden buildings are conventional...
02 September 2015
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From housing swimming pools to cars from movies, our garden buildings are anything but boring!

Why not get in touch with Betta Buildings today to talk about the various services that we offer? We can provide advice, design your building, clear your old site or structure, lay the base for your new building and carry out the final installation, whether you require a shed, concrete garage, summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, playhouse or kennel.

Here at Betta Buildings, we pride ourselves on being able to cater for a wealth of needs. We turn our clients' dreams into reality, not only when they require something conventional, but also when we are approached about a slightly more... outlandish set of requirements.

Betta Buildings is here for you if you require the services of a trusted, skilled company with decades of experience to draw upon. We run a showsite featuring more than 40 different buildings, which enables you to get a feel for the buildings that we create before you commit to a purchase. Betta Buildings is the home of high quality products, competitive prices and some of the most skilled tradespeople in the area.

Let's take a look at a couple of the more unique projects that we have worked on. We were asked to build a structure to contain an endless swimming pool by a client who had contacted a number of log cabin companies. We conducted a site visit, before coming up with an appropriate cabin and base design.

The team then helped the client to obtain planning permission before clearing the site, constructing a base and building the cabin. All electrics were installed, insulation was built in and the building was painted. We then set the pool up before landscaping the area and completing the garden feature, to the delight of the client.

Another interesting project involved us constructing a bespoke garage to house the Ghostbusters movie car. We needed to not only build a garage big enough for the vehicle, but also satisfy complex planning regulations. Unconventional barn-esque doors enabled the client to get the car in and out of the garage.

The steel-framed garage was cladded with Plastisol steel sheeting and rendered white, while the roof was cladded with steel tile effect roof sheets. Anti-condensation facilities were also built in, while the concrete base was modified to suit the clients' wishes. The Cadillac was ready for its new home and the client was more than satisfied.

Contact us today if you have a novel - or less novel - idea for a garden building. We thrive on a challenge, so why wait any longer to get in touch about how we can fulfil every requirement that you have from your outdoor shed, log cabin, garage or similar structure?