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The factors making our concrete sheds the very best
04 September 2014
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Which are the factors that help make our concrete sheds the very best in the business?

Anyone in the West Midlands who has ever purchased one of our outdoor buildings knows what to expect from this family-oriented company. Our service may be responsive, comprehensive and reliable, but we also simply offer the best quality timber and concrete garden rooms, garages, summerhouses, sheds and workshops.

Certainly, we are a dab hand in concrete, as anyone can see from the generous specifications of our concrete garages. These structures are known for their combination of premium quality, competitive pricing and the wide range of other features that they can incorporate, in accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

It's much the same story when it comes to our similarly highly regarded concrete sheds. There aren't many homeowners who don't like to potter about in a shed, or use it for the storage of all manner of essential garden items. We're well known for our broad selection of timber sheds here at Betta Buildings, but you may ultimately prefer a concrete shed for various possible reasons.

A concrete shed, after all, is extremely durable and long-lasting compared to even the best-built timber sheds, also offering exceptional security: even the most determined prospective burglar is likely to be put off by the sight of a concrete shed rather than a timber one. There's also very little maintenance required on a shed made from this material.

Our ability to design and build the finest quality concrete sheds for a wide range of requirements was ably demonstrated by one recent assignment from a couple who run a business from home selling dancing shoes. They required a large lined concrete shed for use by their company as a mini warehouse and home office, and drawing on our expertise in insulated and lined concrete rooms, we were able to create a concrete shed for them of the highest specification.

This project involved not just the realisation of the shed itself, but also the associated demolition and removal of previous buildings, groundwork/bases and landscaping. These are all further services that distinguish us from our competitors in the garden rooms industry and enable the achievement of the best possible end result.

Contact us now about our exceptional concrete sheds for the broadest range of requirements of homeowners throughout the West Midlands.