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Unleash your creative mojo in one of our craft rooms
24 September 2014
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Wouldn't it be just great to have a dedicated space for your creative endeavours? This is where Betta Buildings' truly brilliant craft rooms and garden offices come in.

Are you a creative person, perhaps working freelance, who 'needs your space'? Perhaps you're a professional illustrator, painter, sculptor, woodworker, jeweller or other craftsperson who is sick of having to work in your front room, causing lots of mess and clutter and having to swiftly tidy up whenever friends or family pay a visit, irrespective of the deadlines or other pressures that you may be experiencing? Wouldn't it be just great to have a dedicated space for your arty endeavours?

A specific space in which to practice their craft is something of a 'holy grail' for many creative people, but you might imagine it to be out of your financial reach - or you may just not know where to start. You may have been intimidated by the technical aspects of constructing your own studio, scared of getting things horribly wrong... or maybe you just don't know where to site your craft room, or are worried about ensuring that it is truly built to last?

Well, here at Betta Buildings, we know a thing or two about designing and constructing brilliant timber and concrete outdoor rooms, particularly in people's gardens. You may have a battered old shed that you are contemplating replacing with a sophisticated, fully-fledged arts space, in which case, you may be interested in our old building removal and site clearance services. Indeed, we offer a vast range of other services useful to the fabrication of your perfect craft room, from base laying, fitting and insulation/lining to electric supply, water supply and floor coverings.

Even more important than all of that, however, is our hard-won experience and expertise in the design and fabrication of craft rooms and garden offices. Our more than 50 years' experience in the garden buildings industry, encompassing wooden sheds, concrete garages, wooden log cabins, wooden garden offices and more, has equipped us with the perfect level of knowhow for devising practical and inspiring craft rooms. These are places where you can leave your creative mojo to run free, without fretting about your kids or the cat accidently knocking over the paint tin.

We have carried out various commissions over the years for great quality craft rooms, more details on which can be found in our Case Studies section. Ultimately, when you need the perfect creative space outside your home in the West Midlands or beyond, Betta Buildings should be your first and only point of contact.