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What could you do with a wooden garden room?
04 March 2016
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There is a huge array of options with a wooden garden room.

Betta Buildings' wooden garden rooms may sometimes seem unspectacular when you read about them in our online catalogue, but that is in many ways their greatest strength. There’s no limit to what you could use your garden room for; we’ve compiled a few of the most popular ideas here.

Give your home office an upgrade

You may already benefit from working at home, but why not take it to the next level and move your workspace outdoors? It’s where you spend a great proportion of your time, so spend it in the great outdoors (sort of).

Working in your garden makes for better concentration due to working away from the hustle and bustle of your house, and working (or doing anything, for that matter) outside is scientifically proven to help you relax - so what’s not to like?

A guest room with a twist

Do you frequently have relatives over to stay? Do you wish you still had that little extra privacy? Using a garden room as a guest room allows this.

If kitted out with the extras available from Betta Buildings (we can organise a water and electricity supply), facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen can also be included. Your guests will have a pleasant stay and no one's privacy will be invaded.

A dedicated space for your hobby

This one really is down to your personal preferences. Keen artist? Convert your new garden room into a studio and keep the rest of the house free from paint splashes. If music is more your thing, why not create a nifty music studio or rehearsal space? Or if your favourite pastimes are a tad more casual, why not turn your garden room into a pool room or games room?

Naturally, these are only a few ideas for what you may wish to use your wooden garden room for. As a matter of fact, there are so many options available that we doubt we would be able to fit them into one article. From a home cinema or home spa to a playroom for the kids, the opportunities are endless.

For more information on how you can welcome a wooden garden room onto the grounds of your property, please contact Betta Buildings today.