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Purchasing a Betta Buildings home office?
29 March 2016
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If you're thinking of getting one of our home offices, you'll find that the possibilities are endless.

We’ve already sang the praises of our home offices, and why you should purchase one from us and us only, but did you know how our many additional services can make your home office even better than the real thing?

Stick to what you know

Having a home office in the garden makes a pleasant alternative to dedicating a room of your house as a study or office; you’re much less likely to be distracted by other people in the house, and being in amongst nature will likely make you feel much more peaceful and able to get on with your work.

If you feel that a home office may be right for you, Betta Buildings can provide your building with an electrical supply for your computer, printer and whatever else you may need to connect to get working.

For particularly busy bees

If your home office is a long way from your house, you have a deadline to meet or you are making frequent or prolonged use of your home office, it can be frustrating to have to trek to and from your house to get a drink or use the bathroom.

Betta Buildings can fit a water supply to your home office if need be, tackling all of these problems. Getting a cup of tea need never be a problem again.

...and so much more

Our garden buildings are a backbone to endless possibilities of customisation - if you don't believe us, simply take a look at the long list of associated services that we can provide for your own new home office.

We can even assist with the likes of painting, floor coverings and blinds to make your home office really truly complete.   

You’ll never want to go back to your regular office building again

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, alongside our high quality garden buildings.

For starters, we have over 50 years' experience in the garden buildings industry, which is a lot more than many of our competitors.

Our friendly and helpful team is here to assist with any queries that you may have about all of our buildings - home offices included - at our West Midlands showroom, online and over the phone, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You could yet have the perfect home office in your garden, with minimum hassle or expense!