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A simple wooden shed can take your home up a level
14 March 2016
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You'd be surprised by the impact of a simple wooden shed

We sing praises about our highly adaptable garden rooms and gazebos here at Betta Buildings, but sometimes, simple really is best.

A wooden garden shed is far from an uncommon sight in British gardens - indeed, it is one of the most common of all - but it often goes under-appreciated. We have therefore compiled a list of reasons why you should consider investing in your own simple wooden garden shed...

It dramatically decreases the risk of theft

If you tend to leave items such as bicycles, garden tools and gardening equipment out in the open, it can much easier for thieves to spot and steal them. Choosing to store such items in a secure garden shed is therefore a much safer option for rather obvious reasons.

Beat the gloomy British weather

Many people also have such items as metal garden tools, bikes or table and chair sets in their garden. When it rains, you run the risk of any metal-based items rusting, possibly beyond repair.

A shed can eliminate the chances of this happening, so why not use it to store your bikes when they aren't in use, or as somewhere to keep your gardening tools if you are an avid gardener?

Just ensure the shed you purchase is made well and free of any noticeable gaps that’ll let in rain. These won't be problems, of course, if you choose a shed from Betta Buildings' extensive range!

Keep it neat and tidy

Ultimately, it’s nice to have a space dedicated to storing anything you don’t need without having to bring it into the house.

It could be anything from gardening shoes and sports equipment to outdoor clothing – having a shed will reduce any clutter and decrease the likelihood of mud or grass being dragged into the house.

Look to Betta Buildings for your next garden shed

Whatever reason you choose to invest in a wooden garden shed, make sure you do so with Betta Buildings. We have over half a century’s experience in the garden buildings industry, specialising in high quality sheds.

We provide a wide array of competitively priced, high-calibre garden buildings, as well as a comprehensive list of such additional services as electric and water supply and landscaping.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our wooden garden sheds or any of our other products or services. You really do have all of the options for a wooden garden shed when you choose to purchase yours from Betta Buildings!