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From a Mini Cooper to darts - what we've been getting up to
10 June 2015
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Think we're just about log cabins and garden offices? Think again.....

You might imagine that it can be a lot of fun to be a provider of wooden sheds, log cabins and concrete garages in Birmingham and the West Midlands, getting to go round people's houses and gardens and see what they're using such structures for. You'd be quite right, too! It's one of our biggest sources of job satisfaction here at Betta Buildings, and we've certainly had a lot of that over the last few weeks.

So, what exactly have we been getting up to? Well, we'll start with a visit to another happy customer's garden in Gornal Wood in the West Midlands. It was here where we installed one of our well-sorted Kobra log cabins at the top of the garden, providing the customer with a perfect refuge amid all of their greenery. This log cabin has proved itself the perfect place to admire the view of this picturesque garden, while also making the ideal storage space for the likes of garden tools and pond cleaners.

But of course, that's just one of many major assignments that we have been fulfilling in the last couple of weeks. We also installed a nicely-insulated cabin for a certain Miss Round of Halesowen, giving her a nice home office in which to carry out her proofreading work. Then, there are the ways in which our wooden garden structures can be used for slightly more... fun purposes, as in the case of one recently-fabricated shed that had a cork dartboard fitted to it.

There are all kinds of ways in which our log cabins, timber sheds and concrete garages across Birmingham and the West Midlands can be customised to suit your most specific requirements. In the case of the aforementioned shed, all that needed to be done was to fix the cork dartboard to the shed and then paint the case the same colour as the rest of the shed. This ensures that the optional extra not just blends in nicely, but is also likely to last for many years to come. There was only one thing left for this particular family to do... get 'stuck into' some outdoor darts!

Finally, we're always delighted to see the beaming smiles of those who invest in our lined and insulated garages and see their vehicle taking pride of place in the new space for the first time. Just ask one recent customer, the proud owner of a gorgeous red 'classic' Mini Cooper - as we have a picture of on our Facebook page. We certainly think that it looks lovely in its new home, and we reckon that the same would be the case for our car in one of these fabulously practical and secure buildings.

Maybe you've been inspired by the above to make your own enquiry about one of our fine outdoor buildings? If so, we'd love to hear from you.