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Why contact Betta Buildings about a concrete shed?
11 May 2015
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Don't overlook concrete sheds. Here's why they could be a great choice for you.

You'd expect us to wax lyrical about the many advantages of wooden sheds, given how renowned a supplier we are of such structures throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands - and you'd be right. However, we can also supply you a concrete shed of the very highest order and at the most competitive price, drawing on our wide ranging expertise in concrete structures in general.

A concrete shed really does combine so many of the best things about timber sheds and concrete garages. On one hand, it can be the perfect place to store your garden, DIY and/or hobby equipment, much as would be the case with a timber shed. However, a concrete shed also offers exceptional robustness, security and longevity, and can incorporate many of the features of our acclaimed concrete garages, depending on your exact desires.

Unlike the situation with our timber sheds and concrete garages, we don't have a 'standard' concrete shed range. This means that if you get in touch with us about a concrete shed, you really are guaranteed a bespoke service where we can cater for your every specification requirement. Are there certain dimensions that you require to make the shed fit in your garden, or is there a certain finish that you desire? Do you want an out-and-out shed, or something that could also double up as a garage?

Invest in a concrete shed from Betta Buildings, and you will have a solid structure that looks great in your garden for many years to come, with little or no maintenance required. You can request the security measures that give you extra peace of mind about the safety of your stored equipment, and there are also many related services that we can offer. Do you require the removal of your old shed? What about site clearance, base laying and fitting?

To these perks, can be added our all-round impeccable reputation throughout the Birmingham and West Midlands areas as a provider of garden buildings. We have more than 50 years in this sector to look back on, encompassing the complete range of popular outdoor structures, so you can be sure that whatever your concrete shed requires, we can incorporate it into the final design.

It's all part of the truly comprehensive and responsive service that continues to elevate Betta Buildings from our rivals - so why wait any longer to get in touch with us about your new concrete shed?