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A look through our current range of wooden garden rooms
06 February 2017
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When you choose from Betta Buildings’ extensive selection of wooden garden rooms, you can be assured of exceptional quality.

Whatever your reasons for investing in a garden room – perhaps for use as a lounge space, arts and crafts studio or games room, to make just some suggestions – when you choose from Betta Buildings’ extensive selection of wooden garden rooms, you can be assured of exceptional quality.

We really do have options for every conceivable purpose.

Even our lower-priced garden rooms offer impressive specifications

Even purchasing a garden room on a restricted budget shouldn’t force you to compromise on the standard of your chosen structure’s design and manufacture. The Dalbury, for instance, is our best-selling insulated garden room and incorporates such specifications as an insulated roof and walls, internal vertical pine cladding, chrome fixings, a three-lever lock and laminate floor. This does not even account for such optional extras as floor insulation, electrics and internal painting.

Those who have a little more to spend on one of our wooden garden rooms may also wish to consider the Walton. Providing a remarkable amount of light and height, this highly contemporary and versatile structure makes a great choice for a home office, gym or garden sun room. It is available in dimensions ranging from 8ft x 6ft, right up to 16ft x 14ft.

The more you spend, the even more your garden room can offer

If there is an awkward corner in your garden that you might have presumed would not be suitable for a garden room, you may be able to think again, thanks to our Curborough room. It looks stunning with its full-length doors and windows and felt tiles that are provided as standard in any of four colours.

The Huntington shares the Curborough’s design features, except that it has a flat ‘pent style’ roof that complies with most planning regulations. Again, its full pane windows and doors present a clean appearance while enabling plenty of light to flood into the room.

Finally, our present range-topper is the jaw-dropping Dukesbury, which is defined by its traditional hip roof that can be clad with felt tiles in a colour of your choice – although eco-tile and cedar clad roof options can also be specified in accordance with your preference.

Whichever of our wooden garden rooms you choose, here at Betta Buildings, we are committed to providing all of the professional backup services you may require to make your dream garden room a reality, including the removal of any existing building and clearance of the site prior to installation.

Simply talk to Betta Buildings now about the full range of options that you have for a wooden garden room from a highly reliable, trusted company with more than 50 years’ experience in the industry.