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Relish some peace in a Kehra 1 garden office
04 November 2014
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Find out why the Kehra 1 is one of our most popular wooden garden offices.

Do you run a West Midlands home business, or simply need a place where you can settle your bills, and work out your finances? Perhaps you want a separate office, but are concerned about the high costs involved in building one. If so, then consider one of our affordable Kehra 1 wooden garden offices.

Finding your own space to work can be tough, whether you have a growing family or are just getting started on the property ladder. Even if you're able to devote a small part of your house to office work, it can often become noisy, and the life of the house can intrude when you need to be alone.

The opportunity to create a space outside the home in which to concentrate on one's business and finances is truly a dream for many West Midlands professionals, and investing in one of our garden offices can be the perfect solution. The Kehra 1 provides a great range of benefits while still remaining an economical choice that is easily adaptable to most gardens, and which offers a range of options to make sure you get the perfect space.

The first thing that you'll need to know is how durable the Kehra 1 will be. Here at Betta Buildings, we know construction, so you're in great hands. Our wooden offices are built to last, using strong, high quality timber and extremely reliable fittings. We supply roof covering and double glazing as standard, so you won't need to worry about getting cold, and we also offer concealed roof and floor insulation for added warmth.

We can even provide a painting service from professional decorators who treat the wood using good quality breathable paint in a range of colours, or the service of qualified electricians to hook up your new office. We have over 50 years' experience in garden buildings, so you know that we'll provide an outstanding and reliable service.

If you need the peace and quiet of the outdoors to get the best from your work, the Kehra 1 provides the perfect environment. We're confident that we can provide the right package for you, so make Betta Buildings the first stop for your new garden office.