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Desire a high quality home office? Betta Buildings can help!
17 December 2015
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Not all home offices are alike. Find out why ours are top quality.

Home offices make a great alternative to a run-of-the-mill study room. Working surrounded by the great outdoors - even if it is just your back garden - can be refreshing and beneficial to your work.

If you work best when you are away from the chaos of the rest of the house, it may be a home office that provides the ideal setting, without the drudgery of a regular office cubicle.

Created just for you

There are tons of opportunities for customising when you come to purchase your new office, including a range of different wood finishes, the choice of adding an apex or hipped roof and - of course - bespoke sizing.

When purchasing one of our offices, you also have the freedom to specify different doors and windows. The door is a three door sliding track system as standard, but it can be upgraded to four or five track doors if you wish. We can also add fully/half glazed single or double doors and single, double, or triple windows if these are what you require.

No one office that we make is the same as another; if you have any queries at all regarding customisation, just contact our team, as we will likely be able to accommodate your needs.

Our home offices are genuinely best to last

We only use the highest quality timber to build our offices, so you won’t have to worry about repairs any time soon.

You may usually imagine outdoor working to be an activity necessarily limited to the warmer months, but our home offices will see you through the entire year. Every office comes with double glazing as standard, each window incorporates draft strips and there is also the option to incorporate internal fittings such as heating for an extra fee.

We are renowned for excellent customer service

We understand that a home office is a very significant investment, but given over 50 years' experience and a team willing to go the extra mile to help, if you make that investment with anyone, it should be with us - the leading specialists in home offices here at Betta Buildings.

For more information on our wooden home offices, as well as for advice on the options that would best suit you, just contact our friendly and capable customer service team today.