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Find the right wooden garden shed for you
02 December 2015
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There's more than one type of wooden garden shed!

Betta Buildings can deliver the excellence that you require if you need to purchase a top-class, robust wooden garden shed that will serve you well for years. We offer an exceptional range of wooden garden sheds, but we are also only too happy to design a shed 'from the ground up' in line with more specialised requirements.

The Popular Apex shed is among the most sought-after in our catalogue. This tongue-and-groove shed offers great practicality and is available in five of the most popular sizes. It features a right-hand hinged door, key lock, horticultural glass and planed and rounded framework. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you feel that this shed may be right for your budget and other functional requirements and wish to learn more about its features.

If you require something a bit bigger than that, however, why not cast your eyes upon our Supreme Workshop? This could be the shed for you if you could do with a little extra height. It comes complete with double doors and is remarkably versatile, allowing you to store everything from bikes and lawnmowers to garden furniture.

If you are a discerning shed enthusiast seeking somewhere to spend lengthy periods of time, the Supreme Workshop could be the ideal shed for your requirements. This shed features a full 12mm Tongue and Groove, a key lock on door and planed and rounded framework. What’s more is that it is fully treated inside and out in Red Cedar Preservative.

Happy to invest a little more? If so, consider our Ultimate Apex Shed. This shed features 3” x 2” framing along with substantial crank hinges, heavy duty felt and 3/4" (18mm) floor and cladding. It has a 3ft door as standard, and you have the option of upgrading to double doors. Indeed, there are various sizes and door positions to choose from.

Here at Betta Buildings, we want to hear from you if you are interested in buying a first-class garden shed and require advice on making the most of your budget. If you require a wooden garden shed that will stand the test of time and support you for many years, why not browse our website or get in touch today to learn more?