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Invest in Betta Buildings' latest concrete garages
23 June 2014
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Concrete garages have stepped into the modern age thanks to Betta Buildings' construction expertise.

There are so many reasons to have a new concrete garage built, and certainly many more to source yours from Betta Buildings. We are one of the leading providers of concrete garages in Birmingham and the West Midlands, giving homeowners the ideal space in which to park their treasured vehicle and - potentially - an assortment of other items.

One look at the current range at Betta Buildings reveals the many possibilities that already exist for a great concrete garage from us. You might invest in the no-nonsense Lidget Compton Flat Spar Concrete Garage, for example, a relatively inexpensive garage incorporating the likes of concrete reinforced walls 3" thick coated in a spar finish, a steel framed white powder coated steel Horman up/over door and a flat sloping roof with full length corrugated steel galvanised roof sheets with anti-condensation treatment.

In common with the rest of our concrete garages in Birmingham, the Lidget Compton Flat Spar Concrete Garage can also be specified with wide range of finishes and optional extras such as gutter and down pipe, brick front posts, shelving and electrically operated up and over doors. You can even have the timber window upgraded to a PVCu double glazed fixed or opening window, or the timber fascias to maintenance-free PVCu. PVCu can be in either white, golden oak or rosewood.

There is, however, now another strong reason to order a concrete garage from Betta Buildings - namely the newly improved steel access door that can be specified for any of our concrete buildings. Benefitting from 12 months of development and built by Garage Door Systems (GDS) to our specification, these doors sport various standard features that you would have previously only been able to obtain as optional extras or on the most premium doors.

Examples include 4-point locking, this security enhancement now a standard feature of every one of our access garage doors, as well as the improved weather resistance provided by the presence of integrated rain guard lintels at the top and base of the door for warding off water ingress. The appeal of these access doors is only further reinforced by their manufacture from the highest quality materials, as well as the convenient access for wheeled objects enabled by a ramped threshold.

Various sizes, colours and finishes are also available for our improved access doors, only further affirming the suitability of Betta Buildings when you are next comparing quotes for concrete garages in Birmingham.