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What do West Midlands residents expect from timber sheds?
05 August 2015
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We know just what our West Midlands customers expect from our range of timber sheds.

It's easy to think that there isn't much to a timber shed. It's a wooden container for all of your garden tools and other essentials and a place where many a happy West Midlander can be found mucking about at this time of year - how complicated could it be? Well, while we wouldn't necessarily describe timber sheds as "complicated" here at Betta Buildings, we do feel duty bound to point out that you have many more specification options than you might think.

From our Bargain Apex shed that can be chosen in any of three popular sizes and four door positions, right up to much more lavish options like the Combination Suntrap Shed, we've covered every type of shed that you could possibly hanker for this summer. Oh, and when we say 'summer', we do mean this summer*. Now may be a time when many of us are readying the kids for their return to school, but there's still plenty of sun to be enjoyed over the coming weeks and months.

That's why, here at Betta Buildings, we'll swiftly install your shed so that you can revel in what remains of the summer*, while also having the perfect refuge and storage space for your garden-related possessions as the weather gets nippier. If you are in any doubt about our ability to provide exactly what you need in a shed, just cast your eyes over our current product range, where even the most basic options incorporate the likes of twist knobs, planed and rounded framework, green mineral felt, Perspex windows and treatment in red cedar preservative, inside and out.

Alternatively, just ask some of our recent customers! One shed that we installed a couple of months ago was perfectly tailored for outdoor games, even coming with a cork dartboard with a case painted the same colour as the shed, allowing it to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Another shed, in Twickenham, doubled up as the perfect log cabin, complete with 44mm walls, double glazed glass and an insulated roof and floor.

These are just some of the ways in which we have demonstrated, time and time again, our ability to cater for the exact needs that West Midlanders have from their timber sheds. Those needs are vast, but here at Betta Buildings, we can accommodate them easily with our complete service. So why not get in touch about how we can design and build your own dream timber shed?

* please allow for 6-8 weeks lead time on your order