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Log cabins bring the holiday experience home
13 January 2015
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Log cabins don't just have to be kept to the realm of idyllic holidays. We can help you bring this holiday experience home with our very own log cabins.

Those of us who have ever holidayed in a log cabin know just what an inviting space it can be, especially when it has been designed and built to the requisite high standard and incorporates all of the right features. But did you ever imagine that you could have one in your own garden? Here at Betta Buildings, we really do know how to bring the holiday experience home, offering the complete range of affordable and high quality log cabins.

Even our cheapest and most cheerful log cabins definitely place an emphasis on 'cheerful' rather than 'cheap' as far as both design and build are concerned. Invest in our 3m x 2.5m KEILA log cabin, for instance, and you'll have yourself a very pleasant rectangular garden building that, while being the smallest in our range, can also be easily adapted for all manner of purposes, drawing upon our considerable list of options.

The basic specification of the KEILA log cabin, for example, incorporates the likes of a wall log of 44mm thick double tongue and groove softwood pine with offset corner joints, as well as a roof and floorboards of 18mm x 90mm tongue and groove softwood. It also has 70mm x 45mm floor joists of pressure treated softwood, in addition to double glazed glass and a wide, laminated double door with an aluminium threshold.

However, choosing the KEILA log cabin also means being able to select from such options as a felt roof cover and insulated roof and floor. We can even offer the complete fitting and painting service, as is a standout aspect of Betta Buildings when compared to the industry competition. You can also ask us to have your new log cabin delivered for you by our English transport company, which uses a large lorry fitted with a crane to offload your building onto the kerb or the end of your drive.

But we do offer an extensive range of other log cabins, such as if you have a bit more money to burn or a hankering for a bit more practicality, luxury or 'wow' factor. Indeed, from our 4.8m x 3.8m Kehra 2 Log Cabin or 5.3m x 3.8m Ramsi Log Cabin to smaller offerings like the 2.8m x 2.4m Kenni Log Cabin, the latter's hexagonal shape allowing it to fit in a corner without taking up too much space, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to log cabins here at Betta Buildings.

Talk to our friendly and capable team today about having the perfect log cabin built to you and your family's exact requirements - at the right price.