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Why wooden summerhouses are much more than glamorous sheds
30 April 2014
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Make the most of the British summertime with wooden summerhouses from Betta Buildings.

As you return home from work each day, you may have noticed something a little different about the skies above - namely, that they're light! Indeed, it doesn't get dark now until very late, and there's nothing quite like gazing up at the endless blue yonder, on those rare occasions in the office when you might feel like you can stop to daydream.

However, just imagine being able to do this from the comfort of your own garden, in the comfortable shelter of one of our wooden summerhouses. When the subject of summerhouses is brought up, many may initially picture a slightly bigger shed, but other than sharing four wooden walls and a roof, the two types of structures actually have little in common.

After all, while the shed is somewhere to store your rusty tools and paint tins, wooden summerhouses are living spaces, providing indoor comforts while also getting you better-acquainted with your garden. There are a few factors that you will need to consider before buying a summerhouse, including not only budget but also where you would like your structure to be in your garden - after all, if you'd like a refuge from the sun, you won't want the sun shining right into it.

We can advise you on all of these factors, while recommending a summerhouse from our considerable range. Traditional, octagonal and corner summerhouses can all be provided to suit certain spaces within your garden, as well as all manner of budgets. Those seeking a highly presentable summerhouse on a budget may take an interest in our Popular Summerhouse, for example, with its specification including a key lock on door, planed and rounded framework, green mineral felt and horticultural glass as standard.

The Popular Summerhouse can also be fitted completely free, and this continues to apply further up the range. Those with a little more money to spend may be entranced by the chic and modish Lawnhouse Summerhouse, with its double doors and two fixed windows on the front, while the Hamstell Summerhouse exudes true style with its Georgian windows and double doors.

Distinctive designs for the corner of one's garden, meanwhile, include the Colton Summerhouse, which comes in any of three sizes and combines full length fully glazed leaded doors with two leaded top opening windows. There are also delightful octagonal summerhouses like the Lichfield, which comes with a felt roof as standard alongside timber struts and a finial for completing the designer look.

Truly, then, wooden summerhouses couldn't be any more different to the average shed, and when you desire one for your own garden, Betta Buildings can provide the complete service - including both the product and fitting - at a highly competitive price.