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What's possible with a home office from Betta Buildings?
15 April 2016
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The many possibilities of a garden office

Here at Betta Buildings, we are always highlighting how much opportunity for customisation exists with our acclaimed garden buildings, but let's face it - it's sometimes better to hear about a real life example as opposed to just reading through a list of specifications.

We finished our latest luxury garden office just last week, in fact. Many choose garden offices as an alternative to an office or study room, where distractions from family or general clutter can disrupt the working process.

A garden office equipped with all the mod cons

This office, in particular, was built for the owner of a graphic design business, so it was necessary for it to be equipped with all of the tech needed for him to get on with his work.

The office is equipped with a high-speed internet connection – in fact, the internet in the office is much faster than in the client’s house. This connection allows the client to carry on with work without the distraction that being in a busy household can bring.

We also fitted the office with Sky TV, telephone and alarm, LED lighting and a video call system from the front door of the client’s house.

There’s also a kitchen sink and a toilet, to ensure that the client makes as few trips as possible back to the house while he’s working.

House standard secure windows and doors make for an office that is as safe and secure as possible. To literally top it all off, the building also incorporates an EPDM rubber roof that’ll last for a lifetime – perfect for the client’s ultimate peace of mind.

After the client moved all of his office equipment from his home into his new office, alongside other furniture such as sofas and decorations, it really did feel like a home away from home... and an office, of course.

The complete garden rooms service

These are just a few of the things that we can add to our garden buildings, however. We can assist with everything from negotiating any relevant planning regulations should you need to, right through to the removal of old buildings and such services as painting and floor coverings. In short, Betta Buildings really can do it all.

For more information on our garden buildings or the services that we can provide to finish them, please don’t hesitate to contact the Betta Buildings team today.