Wooden Sheds - Heavy Duty Apex Shed 33 SIZES any door style

Heavy Duty Apex Shed 33 SIZES any door style

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The Heavy Duty buildings are an excellent range of substantial buildings with thicker 2" x 2" framing and diagonal wall braces throughout, all windows are joinery made and include opening win... Read More

Wooden Sheds - Heavy Duty Apex Shed 33 SIZES any door style
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Dimensions (ft) Dimensions (m) RRP Our Price      
8ft x 6ft 2.43m x 1.82m - £875.00 or
10ft x 6ft 3.04m x 1.82m - £1050.00 or
12ft x 6ft 3.65m x 1.82m - £1240.00 or
14ft x 6ft 4.26m x 1.82m - £1420.00 or
16ft x 6ft 4.87m x 1.82m - £1595.00 or
18ft x 6ft 5.48m x 1.82m - £1775.00 or
20ft x 6ft 6.09m x 1.82m - £2115.00 or
22ft x 6ft 6.70m x 1.82m - £2275.00 or
24ft x 6ft 7.31m x 1.82m - £2465.00 or
10ft x 8ft 3.04m x 2.43m - £1280.00 or
12ft x 8ft 3.65m x 2.43m - £1460.00 or
14ft x 8ft 4.26m x 2.43m - £1685.00 or
16ft x 8ft 4.87m x 2.43m - £1845.00 or
18ft x 8ft 5.48m x 2.43m - £1995.00 or
20ft x 8ft 6.09m x 2.43m - £2360.00 or
22ft x 8ft 6.70m x 2.43m - £2655.00 or
24ft x 8ft 7.31m x 2.43m - £2875.00 or
10ft x 10ft 3.04m x 3.04m - £1625.00 or
12ft x 10ft 3.65m x 3.04m - £1755.00 or
14ft x 10ft 4.26m x 3.04m - £2025.00 or
16ft x 10ft 4.87m x 3.04m - £2195.00 or
18ft x 10ft 5.48m x 3.04m - £2655.00 or
20ft x 10ft 6.09m x 3.04m - £2795.00 or
22ft x 10ft 6.70m x 3.04m - £2945.00 or
24ft x 10ft 7.31m x 3.04m - £3170.00 or
10ft x 12ft 3.04m x 3.65m - £2125.00 or
12ft x 12ft 3.65m x 3.65m - £2295.00 or
14ft x 12ft 4.26m x 3.65m - £2585.00 or
16ft x 12ft 4.87m x 3.65m - £3070.00 or
18ft x 12ft 5.48m x 3.65m - £3465.00 or
20ft x 12ft 6.09m x 3.65m - £3825.00 or
22ft x 12ft 6.70m x 3.65m - £4245.00 or
24ft x 12ft 7.31m x 3.65m - £4555.00 or
10ft x 14ft 3.04m x 4.26m - £2655.00 or
12ft x 14ft 3.65m x 4.26m - £2875.00 or
14ft x 14ft 4.26m x 4.26m - £3135.00 or
16ft x 14ft 4.88m x 4.26m - £3940.00 or
18ft x 14ft 5.49m x 4.26m - £4275.00 or
20ft x 14ft 6.10m x 4.26m - £4870.00 or
22ft x 14ft 6.70m x 4.26m - £5580.00 or
24ft x 14ft 7.31m x 4.26m - £5935.00 or
You can add multiples at the check out.
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Betta Building have exceeded by expectations doing a great job of installing my cabin. Working in bad weather they delivered efficiently and on time. I am very satisfied with the overall job and would be happy to recommend this company for future customers.
Mr Scarrett